Sail To The Deep

by Bowker

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The debut concept album from North West coastal rock trio Bowker.


released November 24, 2014

Written, performed and produced by Bowker.



all rights reserved


Bowker Southport, UK

Bowker were formed in Southport in 2013 by lead singer and guitarist Andy Jones having enlisted the drumming chops of Rob Kirby and bass prowess of Frank Jones.

Bowker like to rock and have rocked ever since.

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Track Name: Open Water
Open Water
Out at sea,
Most my days behind me

No kids at home,
No legacy
No wife,
Just dying memory

Once knew these waters
now i’m drifting all alone without a sail

Looking back I almost
see just where my life began to fail
Track Name: My Father's Vessel
My father he wrote me whilst he were away
My mother would tell me that man was a saint
But I’d soon learn better for I read his books
His vices were gold and insatiable lust

For a time it was currency to use his name
Respected by all in the town he became
All but a legend, a guru, a king
A hero they placed in the songs that they’d sing

A long long time ago
A tale of an island of gold
Riches and women to spare
Drove him away to the depths of despair

All that time ago
A curse had been placed on all men who were told
One by one they’d set course and it’s said
In a matter of weeks they’d be washed ashore - dead!

Men of our town once he’d died they’d call me
A man of my word and a man of the sea
The women by contrast their distance was kept
They prayed for my father’s return as they wept

Sometimes I’d awake from tumultuous dreams
I’d drink what I’d find just to drown out the screams
Of torturous souls and the secrets they had
the one I could never ignore was my dad
Track Name: The Proposal (Valentina Part 1)
Only a madman would walk these streets alone
As fog and darkness creep across the greasy stones
Which keep the “they” from us,
The walls we trust,
To keep out anything we must stay safe tonight
So no one but the worst of us
Will walk the streets from break of dusk, til morning light

A sailing man is noble only when at sea
The laws of all his kind come crashing down when freedom rears its pretty head,
And then instead,
Our hero drinks his way to bed through whores and fights
So no one but the worst of us
Will walk the streets from break of dusk, til morning light

My every step rings out like pennies in a purse,
Each shadow steps back from the man who'd they call “sir” if they could speak at all,
But not one calls,
'Cause not one wants to see me draw my blade tonight
I may well be the worst of us,
But I walk safe from break of dusk, til morning light

This bar ain't no place to be
For a gentleman, a man like me
That's what I said the night before
And the one before that and a thousand more
And now, I fall into my place,
With a drink in my hand and a frown upon my face

This bar ain't no place to be
For a girl like the girl I see
Dancing in a whirl of silk and lace
Singing in a voice that could burn this place to the ground,
Good lord bless my soul!
She's looking at me now and I don't know where to go

Down a drink or two and watch the only girl that I want more than
All the gold on unexplored
Islands in the sea
As the hours pass and empty glasses fill my table top
My drunken mind thinks I'm in luck
She's walking up to me

Sitting down across the table
Singing “Sir, I've heard your able to navigate the waves and to cross the seas,
So come on be my captain take a ride with me
I know, an island made of gold
Claimed many lives but I know which way to go”

As she mouths the name I feel a pain that shoots right through my soul
A fear that's never letting go - spirits not at rest
Say “I do believe it's time to leave” I grab my drink and coat
And run from both my father's ghost
And chance of happiness
Track Name: The Bar (Valentina Part 3)
Crawling back to the bar that I left last night
Crawling back to the scene of a heinous crime
Girl I know now I should never leave you waiting
If you let me I will keep you safe and sailing
Look around at the scene of a drunken haze
Look around for the one who can fill my days
With a sense of hope and promise of adventure
I will keep you from the angels who have sent ya

But there's nothing
There's no sign of you

I call to the barman where'd she go
I could tell from his face he didn't know

(You've been drinking)
You're damn right
(You're crazy)
I've been up all night

Looking up to the stage where you sang your song
Looking up at the stage I see something wrong
Come to think of it it all looked different last night
What was beautiful has turned into a bar fight
Ask a man where's the singer who lit up the stage
Ask a man who looks at me like i'm something strange
He said sir don't you know I think you are mistaken
It's been years since this place had music playing
Track Name: Setting Sail
I saw how you lazed at the shore
The harbour your only support
Some years since you last left the port
But you're perfect for me, so I thought

"You'll be chartered within the hour,
Setting sail for the island of power"

The taverns I trawled for my crew
12 honest sailors I knew
From seafaring days long since gone
They're perfect for me, so I thought

"We'll set sail and recover the truth,
Return with gold from the fountain of youth"

Two weeks on the ocean we've cruised
We're making great time and we've used
All of our knowledge combined
I know Valentina I'll find

Treasures of which you spoke in my dream
My father’s steps I will follow at sea
But I'll return as a hero with pride
With my betrothed Valentina on side
Track Name: Row
Out of the ocean rose a giant come for me
Water came crashing on the decks of poor Bessy
Great arms then snapped my sails there was water ‘cross my deck
It was me versus the seabeast in battle to the death screaming to my crew


Out of my depth that night nobody spared but me
My whole crew dead now all alone in the cold sea
This monster left me broken sitting in the dark
Whilst Valentina’s out there somewhere with my heart!!!
Screaming ROW!
Track Name: All At Sea
Salty trap that calls out
Out at sea
All at sea
All at sea

The ebb and flow that finds me
Inspires me
Lost at sea
All at sea

Adventure gripped me
Out at sea
All at sea
All at sea

It’s my time soon
I’m waiting on my death
Thoughts leaving me
All at sea
Track Name: Sirens
Valentina baby its been forty days
I've been searching for you out here on the waves
Every night I hear you call to me
You sing a lullaby across the sea
And when I find you baby this time I will stay

Forget my life, forget the past
Forget the thought that this won't last
Forgetting everything i've ever been

Your song it is so warm and sweet
Baby sing it just for me

Valantina baby is that you I see?
Sitting on the rocks calling out to me
Try and navigate the rocks so sharp
While your song it carves up my heart
I’ve no doubt cos who else could it be?

Naked skin and beauty true
But valentina she's not you
Turn my ship around and sail away
Track Name: Open Water (Part 2)
Numbered are my days it seems
Drifting on the ancient seas
Gods have rolled their dice and left
Body nearly torn to shreds
But I'll grin my twisted grin
Captain of my life I've been
As my vessel starts to sink
I brace myself to face the drink!

Open water out at sea
Destination incomplete
My father's footsteps left no path
Beneath the waves I hear him laugh
Yet I grin my twisted grin
Captain of this ship I've been
Down I'll go aboard what's left
As my body takes on death!